1. If you, as a couple, are interested in participating in SPLITS (Spiritual Leaders in Training) evenings twice a month or the one year long Marriage Plus course, but you have questions.  We can give you information about when and where we meet for SPLITS and when new Marriage Plus groups will begin.
  2. If you think SPLITS or the Marriage Plus course would benefit young couples at your church, and ultimately your church body.
  3. If you are involved in preparing and sending missionaries or you are helping those who are returning from overseas, the Marriage Plus course will equip them to deal with the many stresses of living and serving cross-culturally.
  4. If you are from another country and would like to talk about using the Marriage Plus materials where you are.
  5. If you are a para-church ministry and you would like to have staff couples trained through the Marriage Plus course.
  6. If you would like to use the book “ONE” for discussion in small groups of young couples or in teaching young couples.
  7. If you are a Christian counselor and you would like to use parts of the Marriage Plus materials or the book “ONE” for helping young couples.
  8. If you are a couple who is discipling and/or mentoring young couples and you would like to use parts of the Marriage Plus materials or the book “ONE”.
  9. If you have any questions!

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Marriage Plus is designed to partner with churches and Christian organizations in order to disciple and train young couples for team ministry. Feel free to contact us anytime!


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