Let us tell you about SPLITS
(Spiritual Leaders in Training)


Hear from some of the great couples who have finished the course.


It’s a new resource for young Christian couples.


Marriage Plus is a non-profit, faith-based, multi-church, international, discipleship ministry.  Our goal is to walk alongside young couples, training them for a lifetime of ministry together.

Our prayer is that couples who are involved in SPLITS and/or take our year-long discipleship course (M+) are better equipped for, and are more intent on, bearing fruit for God’s Kingdom together.

We focus on learning marriage skills, practicing ministry skills (while serving) and discussing and pursuing each couple’s unique vision for their own ministry.

Mark & Priscilla Young

“Gary and Ann Wooley, our longtime mentors and friends, influenced the course of our early marriage and have impacted the marriages of hundreds of couples for the sake of the Gospel.  Their commitment to disciple and mentor young married couples through Marriage Plus helps transform the way couples view their marriage – that it’s not just about their own happiness, but it is the very foundation for mission and ministry.  They helped us truly become partners in ministry, a path we have continued on to this day.”

Mark & Priscilla YoungDr. Young is the current President of Denver Seminary. He and his wife, Priscilla, serve as a team in ministry. We spent time together years ago in Vienna, Austria, when we were all doing ministry in Eastern Europe with Biblical Education by Extension. We now have the joy of fun times together here in Denver.
Ray & Marf Meister

“Finally, a ministry grounded in Scripture and the power of the Spirit that changes the lives of young married couples through providing discipleship that also equips them to share with others what Jesus is doing in their lives, whether it be in a church context, a ministry context or in their community.  And, USA based but with worldwide impact!  Okay, so we love Gary and Ann and their lifelong, lifestyle ministry.”

Ray & Marf MeisterRay & Marf Meister are on the Board of M+. They, together, are Associate Directors of Jesus Film Strategy Development in the European and Latin American Regions. We met during seminary days, ministered overseas together and have been intentional about having special times together since then.
Ken and Jamie Strzepek

“We had the privilege of being mentored by Gary and Ann 35 years ago while living in Vienna, Austria, as they demonstrated by lifestyle some of the principles that would eventually become the Marriage Plus course.  After returning to the States we graduated from the course, which taught us practical ways to have a marriage that reflects Christ and how to serve Him and others as a couple.  Our weekly planning meetings and our listening skills have allowed us to make each day fruitful for building the Kingdom of God in Young Marrieds groups in our local church and in Europe.”

Ken and Jamie StrzepekKen and Jamie Strzepek are on the Board of M+. They completed the M+ course in 1996 and teach the skills and principles of the course wherever God takes them. They have always been great examples of what it means to be “tent-making missionaries.” They look for creative ways to use work opportunities for reaching others for Christ. Their current U.S. ministry is being co-directors of the Young Marrieds Ministry at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.
Matt & Kristin Wooley

“Marriage Plus was incredibly helpful for us as a young couple to better understand each other, to learn how to communicate, and to be on the same team. It also gave us a great foundation for ministry together in our home and in our church!”

Matt & Kristin WooleyMatt & Kristin Wooley completed M+ in 1997. During Matt’s years at Denver Seminary they joined the staff of M+. Shortly after graduation, Matt & Kristin started Hillside Church in Parker, Colorado. We have the joy of watching them (along with their daughters, our granddaughters, Aidyn and Alissa) love and serve people at Hillside.

“The strength of Marriage Plus is its practicality.  It focuses on real-life issues and the development of usable ministry skills, something every couple needs and every church will benefit from.  We highly recommend it.”

Bruce & Kathy LesterBruce & Kathy Lester completed M+ in 1994. Bruce, with Kathy’s help, is a pastor in McCook, Nebraska. Bruce “opened the door” for our ministry with young couples when he was on staff at Grace Chapel here in Denver.